If you’ve been following me for a while, you already know that I love sports and fitness photography. For this shoot, I wanted to try a new twist and work with composite photography, which is the art of combining two or more photos and perfectly harmonizing the lighting, color balance, proportions, tones, shadows, etc. to create a single cohesive image. If done properly, it can be very convincing.


Composite photography is becoming a widely popular technique, especially in the advertising industry to achieve a polished, perfected look or to capture a scene that would normally be too difficult to do in one take.

While we didn’t know it prior to the shoot, composite was going to be the only option for our photo! The shoot date happened to coincide with the height of Atlanta’s pollen season and our poor model Siobhan was having respiratory problems. While we had intended on a series of photos inside as well as outside, we were stuck indoors, in a studio setting for this shoot.

Our model Siobhan was a real trooper and gave it her all despite her terrible allergies. For the entire shoot I had the poor girl running, jumping, lunging, you name it! I would regularly ask her if she needed to take a rest but she always wanted to push on to get the perfect shot, but did have to sit down a few times when her cough got the best of her.

A few days later I took some outdoor shots to use as Siobhan’s backdrop. Put everything together in Photoshop and voila! What do you think?