While scouting locations for an upcoming Verizon Wireless photo shoot, I stopped by Piedmont Park to test out the late afternoon sun peeking from behind the beautiful Atlanta skyline. As I snapped a few photos, I couldn’t help but notice a nearby father and son running around, roughhousing and rolling down hills. I went over to talk to the inseparable duo to see if they’d be interested in helping me out in exchange for a few photos. The dad was very excited about the prospect of an impromptu photo shoot and kindly stuck around until the sun broke through the clouds. When it was time to shoot these two pulled out all the stops running, playing, jumping and being silly. It didn’t take long to capture the sheer and simple joy of a father and his son at the park.


This father and son team were a lot of fun to photograph and I got a ton of great shots that will hopefully make their way to desktop backgrounds, wallets and desk frames. After looking at the time stamp of the photos, I was especially surprised to see that the whole shoot took less than 5 minutes. When you have something so true and genuine as the love between a father and son, it’s easy to capture the perfect shot.